The appraisal is a crucial step in the process of acquiring a new home or property or refinancing a current property.  In order to get a VA loan you must also have an appraisal done.

The appraisal will ensure the lender does not provide a loan that is actually greater than the value of the home or property itself. The loan will alos be verified through the appraisal process.  Regardless of the qualifications of your friend, family or acquaintances, only A VA-approved appraiser is the only individual that may provide you with assistance during the loan verification process.  Here are some frequently had questions about VA Loans and VA-approved appraisers are:

  • For a VA loan, at what point should I start the appraisal process?
  • What is the cost an appraisal?
  • Do VA-approved appraisers only do appraisals?


For a VA loan, at what point should I start the appraisal process?

The earlier that an appraisal is done in the loan process, the easier it will be. Generally, the appraisal is usually done during the early part of the loan process.  Doing the appraisal early will allow for any problems to be resolved in time. A VA-approved lender will be able to provide the best support throughout this process. They can help answer any questions or concerns you may have during this process. A lender can also do the give the most objective appraisal. You are able to request an appraisal through the website of the US Department of Veteran Affairs:



How much does it cost for a home appraisal?


The range of appraisal cost (which will range from state to state) is from $300 – $500. The appraisal cost may be added to the loan or be required up front.  The appraisal fee is a necessary step to ensure that your lender is adhering to all state and federal regulations. While your VA lender will search for any apparent safety and health issues, but this will not be an official safety inspection. If you want to get an official inspection done you will need to contact the proper health and safety authorities, which will include seperate fees.


Do VA-approved appraisers only do appraisals?

Other than doing your appraisal, your VA-approved lender will also clarify whether the property is livable or not. Any safety concerns that exist within the property will be identified by the VA-approved lender during the appraisal process. The loan can’t be approved for the property until all the issues identified by the lender are fixed or resolved. Regardless of the condition of the property the main job of the VA-approved lender is to complete the appraisal process. For more informations about VA Loan guidelines, clickhere.


It is never to early to start the appraisal process! It is absolutely crucial that you get a VA-approved lender because they will have the knowledge and experience to get you the best deal. Make sure that you shop around for lenders because rates and requirements will be different from lender to lender. Submit your information below and we will match you with a great VA lender who can help you with the VA streamline program now.